Becker Online Pro 4.0 Europa Navigation Software

NAVTEQ | 4 CDs | ISO | RAR | CD1: 462.67 MB | CD2: 478.57 MB | CD3: 532.68 MB | CD4: 383.77 MB

These CDs are the perfect partners whilst driving in Europe for either business or pleasure. They include maps for all the West European and many East European countries (as indicated on the map). It covers a total of 7.39 million kms of roads and over 1.2 million Points of Interest. With these CDs, you can also receive Traffic Information (TMC) on the major motorways in Austria, Denmark, Great Britain (ITIS), Italy, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.

• CD1: Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
• CD2: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Germany, Poland
• CD3: Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Monaco, Spain,Andorra, Portugal
• CD4: Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia Hertzogovina, Macedonia, Serbia Montenegro

New in Version 4.0:

• Austria (Pians/Flirsch): A new section of the S16 motorway has been added between Pians and Flirsch resulting in the B316 being re-named to L68
• Italy (Pollina, San Mauro Castelverde): A new stretch of the A20 motorway has been added between junction Tusa to junction Castelnuovo Pollina
• Spain (Teruel Province): A new 101km section of he A-23 motorway has been added between Sarrion and Santa Eulalia
• Czech Republic (Libice Nad Cidlinou – Sedlice): A new section of the D11 motorway has been added
• Finland (Joroinen): A new stretch of road 5 from Mikkelintie to Varkaus has been added
• Germany (Quedlinburg, Sachsen-Anhalt): The new B6 bypass has been added replacing the old route through the city
• Portugal (Braga/Vila Real): The new 24km A11 has been added.



Becker Online Pro Version 4.0