BMW Navigation DVD Road Map Europe BUSINESS 2019

FSC Code:
You need an FSC code to load the maps from the USB/DVD into your Navigation System
You can purchase them from your local BMW dealership or you can reach out to someone who
can generate these codes for you here:

Download from here:


USB Instructions:
Please use a 32GB or larger FAT32 formatted USB drive to install this update.

1. Use WinRAR/WinZip or 7-zip to extract BMW ROAD MAP North America NEXT 2019-1

2. You will be left a folder called NAVD_000014B8_255_004_173 and Instructions.txt (this file)

3. Copy everything inside the folder(1,2,3,4,config,NBT_NANT_111154.3.112.pkg,NB T_NANT_111154.3.112.pkg.sig) to the root of the 32gb USB stick

4. Insert the USB stick into the USB port in the center console

5. Follow the onscreen prompts, it will prompt for the FSC code (see below for information on getting an FSC code)

6. The update will begin to load

7. Wait for it to finish loading the data and you’re done!

You  can   Download from here: