The latest firmware update for the Lancia Connect Nav bringing it up to version v.12.3.
Inside the zip is included the step by step procedure.


[Alfa Romeo]


[Connect Nav - SETUP CD]

[Connect Nav - Italian Manual]

[Italy Map - NIT G2 - 2011]

please check the update procedure :
1. engine OFF
2. start the Connect+
3. press the AUDIO button (be sure that you in the AUDIO menue)
4. insert the CD containing the new firmware
5. “CD error” should pop up, turn off the Connect+
6. wait 30sec
7. turn on the Connect+
8. the screen should show the “Flasher Program”
9. IMPORTANT: while the flasher is going through the install process press the buttons 3-4-5-6-9 quick one after the other
10.if the update was succesfull the CD should come out



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