RT6 SW 2.21 maps

Map Updates include new roads, junctions, by-passes and motorway exits and millions of other changes. Each road segment features up to 260 attributes – such as the number of lanes or one way systems – which also need to be updated along with the extensive list of Point of Interest.

For example, in this new update more than more than 55,000 roundabouts, 619,000 street names, 35,000 one way streets and 88,000 turn restrictions have been added or amended.

Additionally, over 1,515 sections of motorway have been updated across more than 1,5 million kilometers of road.

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The vehicles with “e-My Way” or “WIP Nav+ / Connect Nav+” the most recent are provided with a protection to protect the use of data map NAVTEQ Maps ®. For these vehicles an activation key will be requested when loading the map.


In English, so click on : RT6 Activation mapping.zip

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RT6 SW 2.21 and 20122013 maps