Toyota Lexus Navi GPS E16 East Europe

Toyota/Lexus Original-Navi DVD Navigation E16 2012/2019 East Europe
2012-2019. Ver. 2. Part No. 86271-60A190 | 6.72 GB

Date of issue: Novembre 2012

For vehicles:
LEXUS: e. g. IS 250/350 (2006-2009), RX 350 (2007-2009), ES 350 (2007-2009), RX 400h (2007-2008), GS 350 (2007-2009), GS 430/460 (2007-2009), GS 450h (2007-2009), GX 470, LS600h
TOYOTA: e. g. Auris, Celica, Corolla, Hilux, Landcruiser, MR2, Previa, Prius, RAV4
and others

Other Toyota/Lexus models (e. g. Toyota Avensis; Lexus GS430, SC430) and other regions on request. (This file upload by user Training)

This DVD covers the following countries:
Greece, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Vatican City, Poland, Austria, San Marino, Turkey, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slowenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria
… and also the main roads of the neighbour countries.
without Germany!

Replacement for:

08927-00051, 86271-60W230
PZ485-T03EU-06, 86271-53031
PZ485-X03EU-07, 86271-0W060, 86271-60W360, 86271-60W370, 86271-60W380, 86271-60W390, 99001-0293
86271-0W061, 86271-60W360, 86271-60W370, 86271-60W380, 86271-60W391, 99001-02093A
PZ485-X03EU-08, 86271-0W062, 86271-60W361, 86271-60W371, 86271-60W381, 86271-60W392, 99001-02195
PZ485-X03EU-09, 86271-0W063, 86271-60W362, 86271-60W372, 86271-60W382, 86271-60W393
PZ485-X03EU-10, 86271-0W064, 86271-60W364, 86271-60W374, 86271-60W384, 86271-60W395, 99001-02383
PZ445-X03EU-11, 86271-0W065, 86271-60W365, 86271-60W375, 86271-60W385, 86271-60W396, 99001-02436
PZ445-X03EU-0C, 86271-0W066, 86271-60W366, 86271-60W376, 86271-60W386, 86271-60W397, 99001-02471
PZ445-X03EU-0D, 86271-60A190, 86271-60A200, 86271-60A210, 86271-60A220, 99001-02487
and others.