Toyota Lexus Sat Nav Whereis V18 for Australia-NZ  2011-2019

Australia is made up of more than 1,000,000kms of roads and highways with an ever increasing population, new roads, developments and suburbs popping up at a rapid rate.

Whereis® – Australia’s local mapping expert – is constantly driving through cities, regional centres and small towns to capture, interpret, cross-check and integrate turn by turn navigation data to enhance their navigation offering – this is a process that never stops.

Whereis® has a team of eight data-capture vehicles including three 4WDs that travel across Australia each year, mapping the country’s new road networks, key points of interest and updating current map data.

At the wheel of unique, diesel powered Nissan Patrols that can cope with unpaved roads and four wheel drive tracks, Whereis® dedicated road crews, made up of a driver and navigator, log more than 240,000 kilometres of mainland Australia each year.