This tutorial will try to explain you the additions files, what they are used for and how to update these files.

In a hidden .System folder of your device will find the files and the folders that support all your device features, will find the IMG(maps) files gmapbmap.img(the base map), gmapdem.img(DEM map) and other folders, the most important for the update are ASR, JCV, G2S and SQlite.

Let’s see what and how to update this folder with the right files.
In this folder will find the files that enable the Voice Command on your device. Not all the models have this feature, so if the your device don’t support it you don’t have to do this update.
ASR files are different for different Map versions, if you update the map you have to update the ASR files too. Different version of maps – EXP. CN Europe NT and CN Europe NTU have 2 different Set of files and have to use the right one to have Voice Command enable.
These files are XXXX.ASR and XXXX.SRX, delete all previous ASR and SRX files and copy the new one, you can have more than one version of Voice Command files in ASR folder, EXP. Can have European ASR and American ASR in the same time.
Important: You don’t have to rename these files, just use like they are.

To update this feature copy ASR+SRX files in

Device:\.System\ASR Folder – for NEW models with hidden .System folder.
Device:\Garmin\ASR Folder – for the other models with no hidden .System folder
SD:\Garmin\ASR Folder – for all the models

GARMIN ADDITIONS FILES (ASR, G2S, DB, 3D) What & How to update

NüRoute Technology: TrafficTrends & MyTrends

TrafficTrend improves the route calculating based historical traffic info like the day, time and traffic flow of a specific road.
MyTrends take care of the favorite and most used destination and even without sett the route will recognize it and will give you info like traffic flow and arrival time.
Your device must have a traffic receiver and be compatible with Trend features.
TrafficTrends and MyTrends update files are XXXX.DB and XXXX.G2S copy this files in:

Device:\.System\G2S Folder – For G2S file
Device:\.System\SQlite Folder – For DB file


Garmin video for TrafficTrend

Garmin video for MyTrend

Lane assistant information is included in the IMG map file, so there’s no need of additional file, this is a basic feature that is supported almost by all new devices. Lane assistant help the driver in a multi-lane road.

Can see the Lane Assistant Left side Up

Video for The Lane Assistant Infos:

Junction view is the “advanced” lane assistant, you will not see only the white arrow that indicate your exit or turn lane but a “real” indication of the lane. JCV files can be used only in supported devices, check your device spec if your device is supported or not before you try to update this feature.
In the map thread will find different type of JCV because this update file can be different in different devices, but sometime you can use different version of JCV files in the same model, usually they difference by the screen resolution.

To update this feature you have to copy new files in:

Device:\.System\JCV folder – for new devices with hidden .System folder
Device:\Garmin\JCV folder – for older device with JCV support
SD:\Garmin\JCV folder – this way for all devices

GARMIN ADDITIONS FILES (ASR, G2S, DB, 3D) What & How to update

Important: Don’t have to rename the JCV files, just copy in JCV folder. You can use different maps JCV in the same folder EXP. JCV for CN Europe and JCV for CN N. America, any map will take data from personal JCV.

This is a split JCV from new Nuvi 37XX serie- GARMIN ADDITIONS FILES (ASR, G2S, DB, 3D) What & How to update

Normaly will find a Full Screen Picture - GARMIN ADDITIONS FILES (ASR, G2S, DB, 3D) What & How to update

Video for Junction View

PhotoReal Junction view
With PhotoReal JCV will have more than a lane indication, will see a picture of what you really have behind you, buildings, bridges, trees…
This JCV file is only supported in few models, consult your device spec for info.
To update can use the same folders as normal JCV files before.
GARMIN ADDITIONS FILES (ASR, G2S, DB, 3D) What & How to update


3D Buildings
This feature will apply to the map a 3D view with picture of famous buildings and a structure of the other buildings. Mostly available for the biggest cities.

This feature can be used updating the gmap3d.img file, this is the structure:
New devices with hidden .System folder

Device:\.System\gmap3d.img file
SD:\Map\gmap3d.img file

Other devices

Device:\Garmin\gmap3d.img file
SD:\Garmin\gmap3d.img file
You can use 2 different 3D buildings file at the same time, one gmap3d.img and the second one named gmap3d1.img, if the 2 diferent 3D files are stored in different folder you can use with the same name without problem.

Device:\.System\gmap3d.img (Europe 3D)
SD Card:\Map\gmap3d.img (America 3D)

GARMIN ADDITIONS FILES (ASR, G2S, DB, 3D) What & How to update


Time Zone (gmaptz.img file)
This little map file will update the time setting on your device any time you move from one Timezone to another,
To update this feature have to replace old gmaptz.img with the new one, in this folder:

New Devices:\.System\gmaptz.img
Old Devices:\Garmin\gmaptz.img

GARMIN ADDITIONS FILES (ASR, G2S, DB, 3D) What & How to update